Who I am


I am a MOM. For most of you, you get it, that's all I need to say. I spend my day cleaning up after someone else's party and my "to-do list" is never ending. I worry. I feel a huge sense of responsibility to make the BEST choice for my children who can't choose yet what products they use, or what they will put on their owie; what is in the air that they breathe, or how they will combat their sickies. The traditional way I was caring for my family didn't make me feel like I was doing my best. Young Living's essential oils empowered me as a mother. I now have the tools I need to support my family's wellness in a clean, healthy and safe way. 

as a mother, It feels right and I feel empowered.

This community was created because I feel that every household should have clean products and it shouldn't be complicated or intimidating. It should be a "No Brainer." We are moms helping moms get the information and tools we need to cultivate a lifestyle we are proud of. After all, harsh chemicals and synthetics don't grow healthy kids.