Why Choose Young Living?

When choosing an essential oil company, you should go with one that lives up to YOUR standards, a company that knows the science, that will never compromise their purity, a company that is invested and has taken the time to grow and produce a product that contains a therapeutic property. We use essential oils to help rid our life of all those nasty synthetic and chemical filled products. If you aren’t choosing oils for their absolute purity, then what’s the point?


When using a low-heat, slow-steam distillation, the fragile elements of the essential oil are preserved thus containing natural healing properties. This is where the science lies. Young Living’s 20+ years of experience farming and distilling has taught them the exact time to harvest and the correct method of distillation in order to harness all of a plant’s chemical constituents. No other essential oil company is involved from the time a seed is picked, planted, harvested, distilled and properly sealed and shipped. That dedication is what sets Young Living above all other brands. 

Young Living has a proprietary Seed to Seal Guarantee.

They take painstaking measures to ensure their farming is using Non-GMO seeds, their land is free of pesticides, and their water free of additives and toxins. They harvest according to the highest yield of potential oil (meaning day, dusk, night, by hand or tool), and they distill on site in their own distilleries made of medical grade stainless steel. Young Living only uses the first distillation to ensure the highest potency essential oil. One drop of Young Living oil goes a long way and that is because of its concentration. With Young Living’s hand in every step of the oil process they are the only company able to ensure the quality and purity of their essential oils. Want to see it all for yourself? No problem.

Young Living’s farms are open to the public. 

Who I am


I am a MOM. For most of you, you get it, that's all I need to say. I spend my day cleaning up after someone else's party and my "to-do list" is never ending. I worry. I feel a huge sense of responsibility to make the BEST choice for my children who can't choose yet what products they use, or what they will put on their owie; what is in the air that they breathe, or how they will combat their sickies. The traditional way I was caring for my family didn't make me feel like I was doing my best. Young Living's essential oils empowered me as a mother. I now have the tools I need to support my family's wellness in a clean, healthy and safe way. 

as a mother, It feels right and I feel empowered.

This group was created because I feel that every household should have essential oils and it shouldn't be complicated or intimidating. It should be a "No Brainer." Our members (anyone who orders through us) becomes a part of our oily community and there are an incredible amount of resources available to guide you on your oil journey. It is different for everyone and your oil regimine will be unique to you. Our group has access to community boards, online classes, research files, one on one training, etc. You name it and we will point you in the right direction. We want you to choose essential oils and we love being there to watch the jaws drop when you have your first success. Trust me, your jaw will drop!