What Are Essential Oils?

Think of an essential oil as the lifeline of a plant. It is what oxygenates, regenerates, protects and provides life to the plant. Depending on the species, a plant’s essential oil can contain hundreds of natural bio-chemicals, all of which, must be present in order for it to have a therapeutic effect. 

Lavender oil is made up of approximately 200 different bio-constituents. This is what makes it such a versatile essential oil

To help further understand essential oils, it may help to know what they are NOT. They are not a vegetable oil like the ones you have in your kitchen. They are not greasy and will not clog your pores or go rancid over time if cared for properly.




Essential oils are the volatile (meaning that it has the ability to leap into the air. It is why you can smell most oils from across the room) liquid within a plant. Depending on the species, essential oils can be extracted from the root, bark, leaves, flowers, seed, etc.

This is where knowledge and experience distilling essential oils is key.




Through proper distillation Young Living extracts a highly concentrated essential oil with molecules so small,

they are able to penetrate every cell in your body and even cross the blood-brain barrier.

That's impressive!

How Do I Use Essential Oils?

Don’t let these little bottles of oil intimidate you. It’s easy! There are three ways to use Young Living essential oils.         Note: Always refer to the suggested use label on each bottle.


Essential oils can be applied directly to the skin. A popular place to apply oils is to the bottom of your feet. Our feet have large pores for the oil to absorb quickly into our body and our skin tends to be less sensitive here. It is always suggested to dilute your oils if you have sensitive skin or the oil is considered a “Hot Oil.” This can be done with a carrier oil; something as simple as the olive oil found in your kitchen, or coconut oil.  Vita Flex points can also be very effective. It is always suggested to start low (bottom of feet) and slow (diluted).

Pro Tip: Use an old oil bottle to create your own blend. Add a roller fitment to the top for easy application.


Many people love the effect of essential oils being diffused through the air to fill an entire room, thus benefiting everyone. Others will take a sniff straight from the bottle or simply drop the oil into their palms and then cup their hands around their nose and inhale. This is one of the most effective ways to use your oils as they reach the Limbic System quickly and can have a physical, mental, and emotional effect.

Pro Tip: Have a diffuser in each bedroom so that     everyone can go to sleep with their own personal   blend. Lavender and Cedarwood help to promote a restful night's sleep.                                               



Because of the integrity of this company and the purity of their products, Young Living’s essential oils may be ingested if suggested by the usage guide on the bottle. People like to infuse their water with citrus oils, add a few drops of oil to kick up their favorite recipes, or even add the oils to a vegetable capsule to ingest daily. Check out Young Living’s line of Vitality oils. Delicious!

Pro Tip: Adding citrus Vitality oils to your water is a great way to flavor your drink as well as give your body a gentle detoxification throughout the day. 

Still need help learning to use your oils? I did! We offer tons of education and mentoring to our members.

The Premium Starter Kit

Below are the 11 oils that come with a membership when you order the Premium Starter Kit. There are over 100 uses for this kit. Here are just a few suggestions.


Immunity - ingest when exposed to sickness to promote wellness and support healthy immune function, apply to bottoms of feet when starting to feel cold symptoms

Cleaning - add to spray bottle with water to clean counters, floors and bathrooms

Oral care - 1 drop to toothbrush to support healthy gums & teeth or 1 drop directly on cold sores and fever blisters.


Constipation - a drop into a glass of water and sip

Nausea - rub diluted on throat

Bloating & gas - dilute and rub clockwise around stomach for relief

Heartburn - dilute and rub along chest area


Mood - diffuse to uplift mood and help combat sadness, centering and calming to the mind

Blisters - dilute 1:1 and apply to blistered area

Sleep - diffuse with lavender for restful

Skin - apply with your moisturizer to help with healthier looking skin


Congestion - diffuse to open up respiratory channels

Chest rub - dilute and apply to chest, neck and throat as needed

Exercise - apply before workout to enhance performance and support healthy lungs

Sleep - massage on feet before bed for comfortable rest


Air purifier - diffuse to clean the air and neutralize odors

Insect bites - apply directly to help soothe skin

Immunity - inhale from bottle to help with airborne pathogens (great for air travel)

Blemishes - apply a drop to help with healthy clear skin


Magnifier - layering on another essential oil magnifies the properties of that oil

Stressed muscles - apply topically to help soothe (great when blended with Lemongrass)

Throat soother - 1-2 drops in a teaspoon of honey

Stretch marks - mix with carrier oil to help fade prominence


Fragrance - uplifting, bright, and invigorating.

Cooking- Use to flavor food and water, such as chicken and herbal tea.

Household chores - helps to break down oils and provides a naturally clean scent.

Immunity - Historically known to be an immune stimulant.

Beauty - Combine with your night cream to promote circulation and provide a healthy glow to your skin.



Attention and Focus - diffuse during mental tasks to help with attention, performance, and focus.

Nausea - Rub directly on abdomen or inhale straight from the bottle or palms of hands.

Curb Appetite - Add a few drops to your gel capsule along with lemon and grapefruit.

Fever/ Hot Flashes - Rub on the back of neck for a cooling sensation, or on the bottle of the feet to help draw out a fever.

Stress Away

Flavor - Kick up your water routine by adding a drop to your glass of water for a delicious vanilla/lime flavor.

Relaxation - diffuse in your child’s room during story time to help wind down and relax before bedtime.

Spa Time - Add a few drops to your epsom salts during a relaxing hot bath to melt those worries away.

Work Stress - Keep the Stress Away Roll-on in your desk. Roll on wrist or back of the neck to help with symptoms of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, or nervousness.


Work-out Pains - Add a few drops to a carrier oil and rub on the spot to soothe sore muscles.

Headache - dilute with a carrier oil and massage on temples to relieve pressure.

Stiffness - massage on muscles before a workout to loosen up.

Back Pain - Bathe in this. Just Kidding! Add a few drops to a carrier oil and massage on lower and upper back to help relieve pain.


Scrapes, Cuts, and Heat Wounds - Apply neat to promote healing and soothe the pain. Repeat as needed.

Sleep - Diffuse during the night to promote a peaceful nights sleep.

Restless Leg - Add a few drops to organic Shea Butter for a calming night cream.

Runny Nose - One drop “neat” on the bridge of the nose to help dry up that runny nose.

Tense Moments - diffuse into the air to spread a calming aroma and help ease tension.


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