The Six Pillars

Integrating a Successful Oil Wellness Program

The Harvard Business Review states that a successful and strategic wellness program needs more than just passes to the fitness club and nutritional information in the cafeteria. 


Multi-level Leadership

Every employee at every level is contributing to this new culture of Health. Not only are managers and directors leading by example and using their oil products at work, but lower level individuals have the opportunity to be a wellness leader by sharing testimonies with fellow employees and being a reference for co-workers.


Cultural Alignment with Health

Natural wellness is an extension of your company's identity and aspirations. A cultural shift will take time, but you are focused on the responsibility of individuals to make healthier and more socially responsible decisions for the greater good of our world. Any healthy shift in company culture will build a happy foundation for internal teams. 

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Scope, Relevance & Quality

Our program is comprehensive and customizable to each individual, making it relevant to everyone. Employees will learn real-life ways to improve their health both at work and home. Everyone has the opportunity to achieve success by simply participating. The highest quality essential oils will effect a positive change. 



Along with true on-site integration of essential oils and oil infused products, the program offers free year-long training, motivation, and inspiration. Every employee's health needs are different. Individual Young Living accounts translates to a convenient, customizable wellness program derived from all natural products.  




The Oil Dispensary works directly with your company's wellness advocate to focus on your employees needs. This is an essential component of the programs success. The company is the model and provides small, yet exciting, incentives for the employees to participate. Growing their knowledge of whole body health helps employees feel good throughout their days in the office and at home. 



The way this program is delivered is meant to be simple and fun. We want to take the intimidation out of essential oils so that everyone can find a more safe and natural solution to what ails them. Employees will find it easy to communicate with The Oil Dispensary and will have access to community boards, e-mail updates, in-office training, and reference guides to help answer all of their oil questions.