Elevate your mind, body and spirit


 We want you to “elevate your wild side.” Fill your life with more roots, trees, leaves, and flowers; with substance that comes from the richest soil, is fed with the cleanest water, and harvested in the most sustainable way.



Don’t worry. You don't have to stop showering, start wearing Birkenstocks, or learn to brew your own Kombucha. Essential oils are not a hippie thing, a jump on the bandwagon thing, or a magical potion. IT'S SCIENCE! Fuel your body and arm your cells with the purest and most concentrated form of Mother Nature with Young Living Essential Oils. ~Kelly Schott


Let your vibe attract your tribe


Our goal is to inspire wellness through mind and body alignment. We understand that a happy lifestyle starts with holistic health, both physically and mentally.



Essential oils are more versatile and effective than anything in your bathroom cabinet. There are over 100 uses for the Premium Starter Kit, alone. Integrating essential oils into your life is the easiest way to eliminate nasty chemicals from your routine. We want to share our experience as friends, wives and mothers to help support others who have the same goals in mind - to live a rich and beautiful life filled with joy, strength, health and gratitude. 

Premium Starter Kit

Young Living Top 11 oils + diffuser 


The PSK is our #1 choice for anyone getting started with essential oils or anyone trying the Young Living brand for the first time. We know that getting started with essential oils can be a little overwhelming. Here are a few examples of how we like to use them on a weekly basis .



Get up & go: Lemon & Peppermint


Boost “back to school” immunity & conquer seasonal threats: Thieves, RC & Purification


Get a peaceful night sleep: Stress Away & Lavender


Focus for your big business meeting: Frankincense


Freshen the house after soccer practice: Purification & Lemon


Upset stomach after a late night out?: DiGize


Tackle your morning boot camp: PanAway & Copaiba

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Included with the starter kit